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Saving The Ocean One Bikini At A Time…

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Swimsuit shopping isn’t an easy task. Most people just want something that flatters their unique body and fits good. Here at JP Holahan Designs we have mastered that and more. By making the responsibly conscience choice of using Carvico eco-friendly fabrics we are also hoping to save the ocean with one bikini at a time. How is this possible?

The fashion industry in general consumes water, pollutes the air and adds chemicals to our planet. It is considered the second largest pollutant on Earth, with the first being oil. With the always revolving door of fashion, many clothes/swimsuits and production/shipping supplies end up in our landfills. And since swimwear fabric is made for water, it goes through an even more depth production process to eliminate color bleeding, wrinkles, etc. thus using up even more of our Earth’s resources.

Holahan Designs made the choice to help our planet by using Carvico fabric to make their swimwear. Carvico and JP Holahan are committed to sustainability. They use recycled nylon, reduce the amount of waste used and are aware of the impact they have on our Earth. Carvico recycles, uses recycled materials, isn’t wasteful, uses rain water, reduces emissions and even plants trees. The swimwear fabric goes through a special dying process as to not pollute or waste water. Millions of tons of waste end up in our ocean each year. Carvico fabrics are engineered to last and exhibit all the excellent qualities needed of swimwear, not only for you to look and feel great but so you will want to continue to wear your suit for many years and it won’t end up in landfills or worse…the ocean. Holahan Swimwear is made of regenerated nylon yarn from waste, such as the tons of discarded fishing nets that were pulled out of the ocean. This means it can also be recycled.

As a swimwear specialist and blogger with many swimsuits, trust me when I say it is worth it to spend a little more on your swimwear. I have noticed that these earth-friendly fabrics feel softer than traditional fabrics, stretch well and give us that great fit we all want. We can also be proud to tell others we are wearing sustainable fashion for the greater good. With all these great qualities, we are all surely helping to save the ocean one bikini at a time!


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