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Holahan’s Fascinating Fabric…

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Let’s talk about the fabric that is used to make your swimwear from JP Holahan Designs. The right fabric is essential for swimsuits. The designers clearly had the ocean and our happiness in mind when deciding to start a swimwear line made of eco-friendly fabric. The details of their unique fabric are quite fascinating.

The fabric is imported from Italy and made of a regenerated polyamide fiber called Carvico. This means it is eco-responsible, recyclable and sustainable. Since it is made of recycled materials, we can continue to have an ocean free of plastic and you will be helping the very same ocean you are swimming in while wearing your Holahan swimsuit. The fabric also will be helping you because it has excellent UV protection. In addition, Carvico fabric is resistant to chlorine, sun tan lotion and pilling. Carvico has even passed lab test for its durability in a pool and long-time usage. Just wait until you feel how soft this Lycra-blend is and how much it contours to your body with its muscle control!

Who knew there were so many interesting details when choosing fabric? Quality fabric and taking care of your swimsuit helps to keep the elasticity intact for continued fit/fashion. I felt so happy and comfortable in my newest bikini from JP Holahan Swimwear. Your Earth-friendly purchase will be worth it and I wish you many years of happiness in it!


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