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5 Easy Steps to Swimwear Confidence:

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  1. Love yourself- This is number one because it is the most important step. If you can’t see the good in yourself and love yourself, how can anyone else? They say if you are “confident” you can pull off anything and it tends to be true. Those who appreciate the great things about themselves are full of confidence and see the good rather than criticizing their weaknesses. It’s all about your mindset. Many women tell me they have an ugly scar on their stomach that they are embarrassed of, but I see a beautiful scar from having a baby and feel that is something to be admired for. Nobody’s perfect and you shouldn’t expect yourself to be either. Personality, differences and flaws are what make us unique. Allow yourself to love everything about you and others will, too. Say positive things to yourself, reward yourself and assure yourself that there is nobody exactly like you. And, don't forget to love yourself enough to know that you deserve a swimsuit that will make you feel happy.
  2. Do the right thing- One way to love and admire yourself for swimwear confidence is to make sure you are doing the right things. If you are being a good person, how can anyone judge you for what you look like? I’m around people in swimwear a lot and I must tell you, it’s not something people are criticizing each other for; especially not by your friends and family who know what a beautiful person you are inside. Being kind goes a long way. I’m not saying you have to donate all your money to charities to be doing the right thing…simply being honest, doing what you say you will do and caring about others will help you to see your worth and build your swimwear confidence. When you have confidence in who you are and do the right thing for yourself/others/work, it will make you feel good no matter what you wear. I feel confident that I am doing the right thing when I wear JP Holahan Designs because I am helping the environment, wearing fashion that is made in the U.S.A. and supporting a good company.
  3. Eat healthy- Healthy foods are a natural mood booster so, when you eat healthy you just might feel happy to rock a new bikini with your new-found confidence. Eating healthy must be on my list because it has many benefits for your swimwear body and your mind. I’d like to recommend a book that changed my way of thinking about which foods and drinks that I put in my body. It's called “Eat Pretty: Nutrition for Beauty, Inside and Out” by Jolene Hart. It helped me learn that many foods can improve what we look like on the outside and how we feel on the inside. For example, there are nutrients important for skin elasticity, anti-aging, your liver, beauty sleep, mood and more. Healthy foods make you feel ready to take on the day with a good attitude. There are many options to get the nutrients you need so, choose the food items you like to eat anyway. You will feel good about eating them because you know they are working to help you inside and out. Maybe with all your 2019 healthy eating habits you will be ready to show off that healthy body in a reversible Holahan bikini.
  4. Exercise- I’ll admit I’m not the type to go to the gym and run on a treadmill every day. Just like eating healthy, we know exercise has multiple physical and mental benefits- especially when exercising outdoors. I have made it a lifestyle choice to get my exercise by doing watersports. My suggestions for getting confidence in your swimwear is to wear your swimwear while getting active in the fresh air. Try surfing, wake-boarding, paddle boarding, beach yoga and/or beach volleyball. As long as your bathing suit fits properly, you will not be focused on what you look like when you’re having a blast zipping around the wake park. Just make it fun and you won’t even realize you are exercising (until your muscles are sore the next day!) We all have something physical we’d like to improve and have the choice to work on it. Even a simple walk or bike ride on the beach is beneficial. Inhale confidence, exhale doubt!
  5. Find the right things to wear and get out there- The more you find the right things to flatter your body and get out there, the more confident you will feel. You need to know what styles look good on you and what will make you feel comfortable. Your happiness is very important for confidence. Try on multiple suits, ask a swimwear specialist for help and get outside to wear your swimsuits freely. The more I try on new styles, learn brands and spend time in my bathing suits the more confident I have become. I like to show off the ones that make me look good, that fit well and that have an eco-friendly fashion statement. If you want to cover that scar or area of concern, then do it so you will be happy. The Mai Tai one-piece covers many problem areas and can be worn several unique ways so, your friends will be in awe of your fashion sense rather than whatever you were worried about. If you want to be able to adjust your swimsuit for the perfect fit, then get the Martini bikini. Wish your legs looked longer? Get the "Pamela” suit. Find what works for you and do more of what makes you happy.


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