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We at JP Holahan Designs believe in high quality, long life, durable clothing and swimwear. As I'm sure many of you purchase items that you love only to find out sooner than later that its really not made well. Maybe its made in some other country where child labor is taken advantage of. Maybe those items are being made daily in exchange for a bowl of rice and a cot for those poor people to sleep on at night.

As a woman and the wife of a designer, I want us to provide only the Best swimwear and clothing for you, the American and Foreign consumer. Rest assured our products are made to last and fit you perfectly.  JP Holahan products are made in the USA. We are a Florida based company and our swimwear is made locally. We use top of the line fabrics and Jamie is a perfectionist when it comes to fit!

As a consumer and a woman, I feel more confident that my swim suit and/or clothing is going to fit properly and I don't mind paying more for a beautifully crafted bathing suit, cover up, or dress. Knowing its made in the USA and knowing too those folks who bring our designs to life are paid well, make me want to go out and buy a beautiful garment. I hope you love your JP Holahan Design. Thank you.

Peace. Love. Be Awesome!!!

Roxanne and Jamie Holahan


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